About Us

Business Model

Star Medical operates as a connector. Our mission is to connect people and activities to area of interest often underexplored, transforming problems in solution by reshaping and applying different experiences to new markets.
Our flexibility in transforming difficulties and issues in new solutions, based on integrations and adaptations, offers a unique service which allows companies to obtain better result in shorter time. Star Medical offers to those organisations great opportunity to achieve goals and benefits out of confort-zone, by switching from maximum tolerable investment, to the minimum effective, sustainable and shared investment. In this way we insure to bridge your business idea into practical success and positive revenue.
Every single day, at Star Medical, we work to develop and enrich our intangible assets, probably our  most important resource.

Polarized Stellar Professional Network

Our global team includes  key opinion leaders in image sciences and oncology, and expert of information technology in Health Care. Our team has deep knowledge in the health care solutions, and is based in every country. Every team member has polarized competencies with great talent and responsiveness.

Market Research & Segmentation

Through our relational network, Star Medical collect information about market needs. Whether you are  looking for an efficient organisation to develop your business in a new marketspace, or simply you need to improve your performance on exiting marketspace, Star Medical can help.

Sales Channel Development

Whether you need experienced sales executives to lead your team, clients or group of clients to buy your services or solutions, or development of sales channels and distribution, Star Medical has the international experience to help, bridging brands and company in unexplored or under-evaluated spaces .