Anatom-e 3.0


Anatom-e 3.0 is the most complete software package specifically designed for contouring guide to protocol compliance.
By providing a summary of each protocol for reference during the planning process, Anatom-e 3.0 guides the user through identification of all the clinical criteria required to prepare a compliant treatment plan. Moreover, it helps adjusting protocols based on those critical criteria. Anatom-e 3.0 database is automatically updated making the most current information available to physicians. Deployment based on Microsoft’s Azure network, accessible from any computer and any browser, provides simple user  interface that does not require training.


Anatom-e 3.0 Cloud includes:

  • individual user log ins to the Anatom-e 3.0 Cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure for the selected period
  •  Log in with any remote-desktop capable device including Windows or Apple computers
  • All body areas: Head/Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Male/Female Pelvis
  • Contouring atlases and guides in axial, sagittal, coronal and 3D
  • Summary flowcharts and text of treatment pathways and protocols
  • Searchable anatomic database
  • Contour “Side by Side” using your treatment planning system.
  • Automatic updates to software, clinical data and atlases for the duration of the subscription is included.
  • So easy to use, training is not needed! Tutorial availability

Success stories

Anatom-e is the only software package shown to improve protocol compliance in clinical studies while simultaneously improving efficiency

Variability of clinical target volume delineation for rectal cancer patients planned for neoadjuvant radiotherapy with the aid of the platform Anatom-e – PubMed (


Cloud based deployment on Microsoft’s Azure network which is accessible from any computer
Platform: compatible with any browser

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