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Star Medical operates as a connector. Our mission is to connect people and activities to area of interest often underexplored, transforming problems in solution by reshaping and applying different experiences to new markets.
Our ability in trasforming difficulties and issues in new solutions is based on integrations and adaptations. In this way we offers a unique service which allows companies to obtain better result in shorter time.
Star Medical offers to those organisations great opportunity to achieve goals and benefits out of confort-zone, by switching from maximum tolerable investment, to the minimum effective, sustainable and shared investment.
In this way we insure to bridge your business idea into practical success and positive revenue.
Every single day, at Star Medical, we work to develop and enrich our intangible assets, probably our most important resource.

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3 Reasons why radiomics can revolutionize brain tumor diagnosis and prognosis

The field of radiomics covers a range of methods aimed at the extraction of quantitative features from medical images, and linking these features to pathological data. Developing algorithms to perform radiomics starts with collecting large amounts of medical images and clinical data. Subsequently, certain features (shapes, tissue texture, etc.) are extracted from the medical images, […]

Anatom-e’s innovative new role in patient education

“We made something patients could understand quickly. What they want to know is ‘What will my future be like?’” – MD Anderson – (Anatom-e) Brain Atlas software like Anatom-e can reveal the specific symptoms that are likely to arise for patients based on tumor location, enabling more personalized discussions and care plans around radiotherapy. Radiologist-narrated […]

The role of CT and MR in stroke patients

Stroke is one of the most common causes of death in the western world causing more than 6 million deaths per year.1Annually, almost 17 million people suffer from a stroke for the first time; this is analogous to one person having a stroke every two seconds.2 Ischemic stroke accounts for 80% of acute stroke cases, the remaining […]

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